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Friday, February 19, 2016

Foodie Friday: Chicken Meal Prep

Eating healthy meals and having a lunch and dinner pre-prepped is a large part of my daily life, so when my boyfriend and I cook, best believe we're making a lot of food at once! We have Sam's memberships which makes buying in bulk a lot easier! We aren't fancy, trust me. We actually save more money this way and in this post I'll tell you how!

Shopping List: 
10 pound bag of boneless skinless chicken breast 
Veggies of choice (we buy the large frozen bags)
 Prepping the Chicken: 
Set oven to 420 degrees 
Grab your large baking pan, lay down aluminum foil (makes the clean up easier!)
Sprinkle the sheet with seasonings of choice
Run the chicken under room temp water, rinsing all of the breasts and cutting off any fat left on chicken
Cut the chicken into smaller, 4-6oz. servings  
Pat the chicken breasts with paper towels, removing any excess water 
Place on baking sheet 
Sprinkle more seasonings and additional things, like lemon juice or BBQ sauce to add more flavor (if you aren't cutting!), over top.
Chicken goes in the oven for 35-40 minutes. Less, if you aren't cooking the whole 10 pound bag. 

While the chicken is in the oven we normally have the quinoa cooking in a corning ware dish in the microwave, and I also have a pan of brussel sprouts cooking below the chicken. You can check out my roasted brussels sprouts recipe here.

It takes getting into the kitchen for 35-40 minutes and getting everything prepared and then you're set on food for the next week. Meal prep should never seem daunting or tedious! It ultimately saves you time and money. There are also a ton of ways to keep from exhausting your meal prep. You can easily mix up the veggies, or make potatoes instead of rice. And there ya' have it! How do you typically get your meals ready for the week?
(WEEK 6 Update Picture. And no, I don't wear flower crowns to the gym. I was on my way to a parade, and stopped to snap this picture before I threw on my sweatshirt.)

xo, Katie
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