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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

$1 EBAY Liquid Lipsticks?!

Yes, it's true. I purchased a one dollar lipstick that wasn't a tube of chapstick.....and I liked it! For the price, these come in a slew of colors and the lasting power is serious! In this post, I'll take you through the pro's and con's of $1 liquid lipstick, you know the inner makeup hoarder in you is dying to try!
 I stumbled upon these "MeNow Long Lasting" liquid lipsticks on eBay, and for the price of $1 you can't really beat these! You can search these on eBay and a slew of results will come up, with a range of prices. Of course you can order these from a U.S seller and have them on your doorstep within the week for $3-$5, but I went the even more frugal route and waited patiently.. eh hem, 6 weeks.... for these to come in for only $0.99 a piece with free shipping!
Pro's : The packaging doesn't suck for how inexpensive these lipsticks are! They come in long, sleek packaging with a small, black cap (well, you can't have it all). What I really like is the small, doe foot applicator! It's just as good as any high end liquid lipstick and makes swiping the colors on hassle-free!

Also, these all have some SERIOUS pigment! One swipe and holy cow, COLOR POWER.The color range is impressive, from nudes to dark shades, they've got 'em. Most of the colors wear pretty well and don't streak during application.  
 (03, 02, 23, 24)
 (19, 25, 32, 33)
 Swatches were taken in natural light, standing infront of a mirror. Still slightly glossy in both pictures, you can see how the nudes dry fairly faster than their brighter counterparts.

Con's : If you order steals this good from eBay regularly, you know you're taking the gamble of it not being that great of quality in person. Of course a problem when ordering these is gauging what the color may actually be, because none of the swatches for these on eBay are accurate! I ordered things mostly in my safety zones (nudes, pinks, a few reds) so there wasn't much disappointment when they came in!

Oh yeah, part of that serious staying power I mentioned in the pro's also means, these feel like glue on your lips. Considering they are only $1, I guess there isn't much room for any fancy nourishing ingredients. Sorry, y'all! But lets be honest, most liquid lipsticks are typically pretty drying so I prep my lips before hand and haven't had many of them let me down!
Honestly, other than a few of the brighter colors I've been pretty impressed with these as a whole and am definitely keeping them in my makeup kit. So did I persuade you?! Would you try out any of these? Let me know! 

xo, Katie
2 comments on "$1 EBAY Liquid Lipsticks?! "
  1. One dollar lipsticks!? Why not! I totally have no issues with buying and trying dirt cheap made in china products to be honest. However as of recent I've really tried to keep my purchasing to a minimum. I personally like to try cheap cheap powders when I travel to other countries here in south east asia because I've never had a bad reaction ever and I use powders like crazy :p

    1. I've kept spending at a minimum as well! I'm currently saving for a trip and this $11 purchase was somewhat of a splurge! Lol. There are a lot of good drug store powders out there! I'm always more likely to spend the money on skin care and hold off on makeup, I'd love to see what options you have in south East Asia!