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I'm a 20's something, licensed esthetician, with a passion for all things skin and beauty- I'm addicted to products - just like you! I assume, if you're reading my blog. ;) I work in cosmetics retail, waxing eyebrows, full-time for an awesome company! When I can slow down long enough, I like to take pictures of fun things I stumble across and tell you guys about them!
I have the most incredible guy in my life.  Ryan and I met in the fall of 2014, moved in together pretty quickly (like the crazies we are), and are currently having fun planning a wedding! Knowing Ryan has been the greatest adventure of my life, and I look forward to seeing him better every single day.
Health and fitness is a huge part of my daily life and also takes up a lot of my time - I don't mind! I wasn't in my best shape not that long ago, ate unhealthy all the time, and didn't take people who exercised seriously. Now, it's something I look forward to all day at work and I enjoy trying new healthy recipes! I hope you don't mind seeing blips of this here on my blog! I hope you'll see something and be inspired to try it. Hell, maybe you'll even like it! 
I live in New Orleans and love this city; the people, places, sights, sounds, and food! I was raised eating red beans and rice every Monday night and that it's only polite to refer to your elders as ma'am and sir. I'm constantly finding new things to fall in love with around this diverse city, as well as in my neighborhood too! No matter where I go in life, I'll always continue to be influenced by Louisiana culture and carry my Tony Chachere's seasoned roots with me.
So, there ya' have it! Welcome to my little corner on the massive interwebs! I hope you stick around a while and we get to know eachother! 

xo, Katie