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Friday, December 18, 2015

Ballin' on a Budget Pt. 1

Who doesn't love to treat themselves? I pay my own bills and sometimes money can be tight and a very stressful thing. I don't think that if you have $20 extra you should be burning to spend it, but occasionally, with a nice paycheck (in-between when rent is due) I like to splurge on something nice for myself - within reason.
(Steve Madden pumps originally $99, marked down to price shown w/ an additional 35% off making them a steal at $24. Needed a nice pair of black heels for some events coming up!)

Where do I shop? I live for discounted stores! Marshall's and TJMaxx are my jam. They have so many nice things, maybe you'll pick up a brand you've never heard of. but you'll fall in love with those sweatpants and go back every time hoping they got another shipment of $12 workout gear. My boyfriend and I also love to pick around the home department! We've picked up a ton of home decor, organizational items, and quirky pictures for around the house here!

I also love closeout stores. So, where I live we have Dillard's department stores, and there are these magical "Dillard's close out stores." Take every sale item from all of those Dillard's, marked down as low as they get, and put them all in one building. BOOM! Designer, name brand products, marked down to final sales prices. This is where you'll find the best deals, but you have to have time to dig, and unfortunately, not many of them offer returns. If you don't have Dillard's, I'm sure there are other stores similar near to you!
(Gianni Bini sweater, originally around $60, purchased for $10) 
It's finally getting cold(er) in southern Louisiana, so a cutesy sweater like this, with the dainty beading was a no brainer for $10!
(Jolt Skirt -exact link found, now only $17 online!) 
I work in the cosmetics industry and my wardrobe consists of mostly black. I picked this up because it's versatile, and now I'll also have another piece of clothing to mix and match for work (going back to buying within reason)!
$8 Pom Pom beanie found at Forever21, okay, this was too cute to pass up!
$12 Nine West leggings found at Marshall's. This is half the price of what they are usually!
Alright, and the Dolce Floral Drops is a cheat. This was actually a gift from my friend, you guys! So I am not "ballin'" as hard as you may have thought..ha! and I received it on the same day as all of the other goodies. It made sense, in my mind, to take a picture of the products all together, but after the fact I realized "Dolce" perfume isn't exactly budget friendly, but smells so yummy!

Overall, this splurge on myself (not including the gifted perfume) cost me a whopping $71! That's $20 LESS than the Steve Madden heels ALONE. If you scout out some good stores and dedicate the time to digging, you'd be amazed what you might find! Would you consider yourself a bargain shopper as well? Let me know where you like to shop deals!

xo, Katie
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  2. My motto is "be yourself, treat yourself" - so AMEN to getting yourself a few nice things here and there :) I definitely did some binge old navy shopping yesterday haha. That sweater is too cute and I'm obsessed with that f21 beanie, ahhh!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

    1. I know! I heard they had a great sale going on and I just never made it over there. I work in retail so I try to avoid stores on my days off (especially this time of year).

  3. That jolt skirt?! Amazing oh my gosh I love it, and cheap, I might have to treat myself to one!!x


  4. I'm a firm believer in treating yourself; especially if there are deals going on. Gotta love Marshall's and TJ Maxx for those! Really nice bits you picked up! Just followed! Would love for you to stop by my blog! :)

  5. That beanie is so cute! I love finding bargains, I'm always in a charity shop haha! xD I love looking for vintage dresses and pieces :D now following you on GFC, I love your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  6. Gorgeous outfit & what a cute little hat! Ahhh! Bargains are the best woohoo :)
    Happy holidays, girlie!!!
    xox Nadia

  7. Such a chic outfit! Happy Holidays lovely! x