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Monday, April 25, 2016

Korean Drugstore Eyeliners and Mascara

On my recent trip to New York I definitely splurged on some beauty products. Despite not being able to read any labels, nothing stopped me from splurging some more when I stumbled upon a supermarket with a whole 2nd floor for skincare and makeup in the middle of Chinatown, NY. I would have loved to grab a few face washes, moisturizers, and toners because, trust me, - their skin care has got it goin' on. However, when you see cutely packaged makeup - that's a universal language, baby!
 I've seen the brand, Dolly Wink on blogs here and there, so I wanted to give their liner a try! And as for the Princess Antionette liner, well, they just got me on the packaging. Lets be real! Upon Googling a little bit I found that the Princess Antionette Lovely Eyes eyeliner is by a brand called Creer Beaute, which makes a whole slew of beauty products based around Anime characters. I can dig it!
Both of these are felt tip liners, making for easy application! I'll get about 6-8 good, hours of wear-time out of my Dolly Wink liner. I find the Black Dolly Wink liner to be very pigmented and I've been using it regularly, and loving it! The Marie Antionette Lovely Eyes was pretty terrible, I'm not going to lie to you. Upon trying to make the liner darker, it started flaking off and has a problem sticking. I've gotten 4 hours of wear out of this liner before it turns on me and completely disappears from the outer corner of my eye. Why ya gotta play me like that, liner?!
I liked that for a drugstore setting there were testers for just about all of the cosmetics products. About 8 mascaras in, I realized that Korean women must be really into fiber mascaras. I don't think I opened a mascara that didn't have fibers in it (which I typically don't like), but I loved the look of this Lovetulle Pure Rush Volumizing Mascara! The curved, teddy bear wand is great for separating lashes while providing some serious length! I can get all day wear out of this mascara without it flaking or leaving little black dots on my eyelids towards the end of the day. For the price point, I definitely see myself ordering more Korean mascaras in the future!

The few links in this post will direct you to YesStyle, which is an awesome website to get your Korean beauty fix. Added bonus, they ship worldwide with any $35 purchase! Have you ever tried any of these products or have you heard better reviews about the liners? Would you try any of these products out?!

xo, Katie
1 comment on "Korean Drugstore Eyeliners and Mascara"
  1. That eyeliner that wore off on you I've tried! And it's not the best! My holy grail that I've used for more than 4 years is from a brand called Kiss Me Heroine Make Up, it's super black and lasts for a good 10-12 hours without fading or flaking or anything! I also would recommend their mascara too! Glad that you've tried some asian beauty goodies now!