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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

bdellium tools Brush Haul

At IMATS NYC I picked up some new brushes! There were so many brush vendors it was hard to choose which one I was going to go with. Ultimately bdellium trumped all because of their outrageous variety and the great prices. I've been impressed with these brushes and working them into my every day routine.
The Essentials: bdellium 957, 945, 964, 955

957 Precision Kabuki - This brush is extremely soft and not too dense, making it perfect for applying my liquid foundation

945 Contour - This tightly packed, fluffy brush is the perfect mini size for fitting right in the hollows of your cheeks. I'm not huge on really contouring to the gods, but I do love this brush for concentrating my bronzer a bit more for dramatic looks!

964 All Purpose Blusher - I usually use an angled blush brush, but this is nicely packed and just dense enough to apply the perfect amount of blush! I'm more likely to use this as a brush for setting my face with a powder!

955 Finisher - Stippling brushes are my most loved. I'll use a stippling brush for just about anything from BB Cream to liquid foundation, cream and powder blushes, and for setting with powder. This stippling brush is more dense than others I have, so I'll definitely be using this for creams and liquid foundations!
The Contouring Saviors - 942 and 944

942 Slanted Contour - Did you notice I have 2 of the same brush with different color handles? I picked up two because I reach for this type of small brush most frequently during my complexion process. You can use this angled brush for contouring, focusing blush on the cheeks, baking powder under the eyes, and dusting highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones and bridge of the nose. I love how small it is, making it easy to use for a slew of different purposes. 

944 Tapered Contour - I've never owned a brush like this and always liked the way they looked in tutorials. The tapered aspect makes it great for setting the under eye area (my current use for this brush) or highlighting. 
Essential Eye Brushes: 755, 758, 783, 781, 769

755 Smudge - This tiny, very dense, flat brush is great for doing exactly what its name implies - smudging! I love using this to smoke out liner on my top and lower lash line as well as placing dark colors in my outer-V. 

758 Large Smudge - This is most loved in my daily routine. I'll use this brush to smoke out any color along my lower lash line. 

783 Small Tapered Blending - This brush isn't as densely packed as the crease brush and makes for blending out colors in the crease and outer corner seamlessly.

781 Crease - This densely packed, dome-shaped brush deposits colors into the crease and blends as you go along.

769 Angled Contour - I've never owned an eyeshadow brush this blunt! How large this brush is makes it great for blending out neutral crease colors in a pinch! 

This is my first time owning bdellium tools brushes and I'm happy with the investment! The quality is real with these brushes from the shape, how dense they are, and the blend of animal and synthetic hairs makes them incredibly soft to touch. The yellow, studio brushes in this post can be purchased as a 10 piece brush set with a roll for only $69! You can't beat that!

xo, Katie
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