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Saturday, April 16, 2016

I Went to IMATS NYC 2016!

Hey guys! I just got back from spending a few days in the Big Apple! In New York there's always something to see and a place to be. I was so happy I got to spend my Saturday there at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show, commonly referred to as IMATS.
IMATS is known for having great vendors serving up some incredible deals as well as a range of makeup artistry demo's and displays on stage or at certain booths. I picked up makeup I had anticipated for the weeks leading up the show, enjoyed looking at all of the dramatic and FX makeup, and listening to Lisa Eldridge speak was the highlight of my day.
 My first stop was the Sugarpill table. The pressed and loose eyeshadows were top on my list as I’ve never owned any and have only heard great things! I can already tell you I’m in love with the products I picked up and reviews on the new lipsticks, launched at IMATS, will be coming soon! Amy Doan, the creator of Sugarpill, was there and is just as sweet and genuine in person!
 Lisa Eldridge, a global makeup artist and Lancome’s Creative Director, did an interview on the main stage, and listening to her speak was completely inspiring. I loved listening to her talk about how she budded into the industry and on her different experiences. She did a book signing after her interview and of course I kicked myself after the fact for not grabbing one then! I know I’ll still pick up her book, Face Paint, I’ll just have to get over not having her signature in the front.
 Although I only purchased specific things from a few brands that have been on my list for a while, I made a point to stop by all of the booths! It was amazing seeing all of the pastels Lime Crime has to offer and the new Violet Voss eyeshadow palette in person (yeah, it was pretty dreamy). The Morphe and Anastasia Beverly Hills lines stayed wrapped around the building the majority of the day. And different schools were showcasing their talent by having live makeup applications at their booths.
IMATS had so much going on throughout the whole day that I’d really love to dedicate the weekend next time I decide to go. I’ll definitely have reviews on the products I purchased coming up, but that would have made for an overwhelmingly long post! If cosmetics and this industry is something you’re passionate about, I would say to make the splurge into attending IMATS eventually! You’ll see so many great artists on display, learn more about makeup and the industry, and connect with like-minded people!

xo, Katie
4 comments on "I Went to IMATS NYC 2016! "
  1. Eek! I can't believe you went to IMATS NY! It looks so much fun! Of course your first stop was Sugarpill. They are incredible! I can't believe you met Amy she's so cool <3
    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. It was great! I wish they would travel to a few more locations! And she was a total doll! I wish I wouldn't have been nervous and said more to her! Haha

  2. OMG. I'm soooo envious! I would LOVE to visit an IMATS in the future! That's so awesome you got to listen to Lisa Eldridge in person! I'm such a huge fan of her. Also your rose printed dress is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. She was such an inspiration! I could have listened to her speak all day! And thanks so much, it's Bernie Dexter! Let's meet up next year! ;)