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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sugarpill Nurse & Girl Crush Pretty Poison Lipsticks

Sugarpill is expanding their line to include lipsticks! Dubbed the "Pretty Poison" lipsticks, these are long wearing, ultra-pigmented, and matte! I was able to pick these up early for $18 a pop at IMATS NYC. Hopefully we can expect a release date soon!
Girl Crush is the hot pink, magenta and Nurse in the blue-toned, classic red. When I saw the packaging I knew I had to have these before even swatching. Is that bad? That I'm, like, that much of a packaging junkie?! I mean, they're shaped like sparkly pink and white pills with the companies logo on the cap! Another perk about these lipsticks is the slight fragrance. They even smell and taste sweet- like candy! You can tell how much thought went into creating these lipsticks down to the very last detail.

For matte lipsticks, these don't feel stiff and drying. However, as with any matte lipstick, I would still recommend prepping your lips with your favorite balm before applying. You don't have to wear a lip liner with these lipsticks (if you didn't want to) as they don't bleed at all! And the wear time is incredible. Lasting 5-6 hours, I rarely fool with touching up these lipsticks when I wear them.
Top: Wearing Girl Crush, Bottom: Wearing Nurse

Last year, Sugarpill was anticipating to launch these Pretty Poison lipsticks in January 2016.... and here we are in May. I know Sugarpill fell flat a few years back after promising to produce more of their pro palettes, so I'm only hoping this time will be different! These lipsticks are beautiful, pigmented, matte goodness and I only hope to see a launch with more colors in the future! Would you snag either of these Pretty Poison lipsticks?

xo, Katie
11 comments on "Sugarpill Nurse & Girl Crush Pretty Poison Lipsticks"
  1. The packaging on those lipsticks are too cute and the color pay-off looks amazing!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

  2. Girl Crush is such a gorgeous shade on you - you're like a brunette Barbie!! :)

  3. Gorgeous colors, suits your perfectly! Xx

  4. I like these colors and the packaging is so cute!

    DadieB. ~

  5. I LOVE the packaging on these - especially because the names of the lipsticks match the packaging (aka nurse and sugar pill!) they look fab on you too :)

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. Right?! I love that they shaped the lipsticks like little sparkly pills!

  6. They look so cute! Great shades too :)
    Jessie | Bear and Berries | Blog Sale

  7. love the packaging and the shades look really nice as well!

    danielle | avec danielle

  8. Sooo pretty, I'm sooo enticed by the packaging! That pink is just killer!