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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Home Decor Tour / Video

 I love everything about the holidays from the sights, sounds, smells, and even the hustle & bustle. My parents have always decorated for Christmas and I definitely took that with me everywhere I've gone. When I dormed in art school my junior and senior years of high school, my roommate and I even had a white tree decorated with pink feather boa's and we hung bulbs from the ceiling....I mean, it gets you in the spirit!

My mom has taught me mostly everything I know about decorating. Our main priority - what's cost effective but going to look good! So I've made a list of a few pointers my mom always gave me that anyone could benefit from no matter what holiday or season you're decorating for!
Decorating Top Tips:
  • Find staple pieces like a vase, or jars and bowls, ect., that are easy to change floral or decorative pieces from season to season 
  • Be wise! Pick up most of your items from Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowes where they'll have lower prices on things like the tree (if you go fake), lights, and small filler bulbs.
  • Don't underestimate dollar stores! We've found a lot of cute filler bulbs there as well.
  • Splurge on your larger bulbs that will be the center of attention 
  • Put your larger oraments on first. Using 2-4 of the same on each side, then go in with your smaller,  filler ornaments
  • Use filler such as floral, ribbon, decorative wiring to spruce up a tree
  • Reflective things open a room up and add more light to a room 
Mantle Decorations: 
Tall, white vase, clear jar, and floral - Michael's
Joy sign ($25), Nutcracker ($10), and lantern - Target 

Side Table: 
Apothecary, picture frame, and decorative bowl - Hobby Lobby (2013-14)
Decorative bulbs - Michael's 

Classic Tree: 
7 FT. Tree w/o lights - Walmart 
Blinking lights - Target 
Glittery filler bulbs, red snowflakes, brown and red encased with gold ornaments - Walmart  (2014)
Large sequined gold bulbs, burgundy with gold design, and tree topper - Hobby Lobby (2014)
Cardinals - Michael's

Girly Tree:  
White 6.5 FT. Tree w/o lights - Walmart (be careful how you store these, mine did turn color) 
Cool LED lights w/ white strand - Walmart 
Purple bejewled ornaments, blue sequinced w/ feathers, pink snow flakes and purple glitter dangles for fill - Walmart 
Large multi-colored retro ornaments, sequinced light bulbs, lipstick tube & purse, and large purple & pink round ornaments, pink glitter bursts throughout tree as fill - Hobby Lobby 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some of it useful! I do state that some products were purchased in previous years but you can definitely still find similar items. Hobby Lobby and Michael's always have the same kind of selection!  Let me know how you decorate your home for the holidays and what are your favorite traditions?

xo, Katie
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